New music video out now!

From the album New Cinema by 1939 Ensemble, mixed by John McEntire (Tortoise, Stereolab).

“On their new song “Wolves,” Portland’s 1939 Ensemble blur lines between rock and jazz with a flurry of interesting, contrasting textures.

Drummer Jose Medeles starts the song with a snare roll and a driving beat; David Coniglio layers on cool vibraphone in descending melodies; guitarist Knate Carter and Josh Thomas (keys) join in and push the song to a crackling, staccato ending. “Wolves” is a standout new track from the band’s latest album, “New Cinema,” released last month on Portland label Jealous Butcher Records.

In the new video directed by Gregg Hale and shot by Dylan Priest, the song draws out a group of masked figures from the shadows like an incantation. Primitive meets edgy, the masked ones turn out to be children, and they eventually overtake the band members and mask them too.” By David Christensen

Smokey Brights Music Video

The new music video I directed for my buds Smokey Brights is out today. Shot in 360 degrees, you have to watch it more than once to catch all the fun and mayhem that takes place! Be sure to watch it on your phone or VR headset for the full experience. Big thanks to Ryan Devlin and the rest of the Smokies crew for going along with this crazy idea. Special thanks to Tyler Kalberg for the hands-on help during the shoot and Ansley Lee for the titles and animations. Be on the lookout for Eric Anderson and Sean O'heir somewhere in the video. Check out the article about the video on

Director/Editor: Dylan Priest @dtpphoto AC: Tyler kalberg @tylerKalberg Titles and Animations: Ansley Lee @_anselz The song "Baby Bigshot" is from Smokey Brights full length "Hot Candy" release 2016 on Freakout Records copyright Smokey Brights Music LLC