Dylan Priest


Ice Cream

A first date full of melting ice cream, suspicious snooping, and foreboding crossword puzzles.

Back in June, we teamed up with Baylee Sinner and some of our favorite Seattle filmmakers to film a short script that won the Littlefoot Script Challenge, round 2. It's our pleasure to present "The Ice Cream Date"

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Two teenagers sitting next to each otherWoman looking through binoculars
Two teenagers sitting next to each otherTeenager looking at camera
Older man looking exasperatedMom looking nervous
People on a boat


  • Cast
  • Mom: Michelle Stahl
    Dad: Dave Shecter
    Jessica: Kara Puerschner
    Eddie: Tyler Bocock
    Pretty Girl: Mary Madeline Roe
  • Writer
  • Kara Puerschner
  • Producer/Director
  • Baylee Sinner
  • Producer
  • David M. Davis
    with Bolide Studios
  • DP
  • Dylan Priest
  • Editor
  • Brian Danger Stabile
  • Sound and Mastering
  • Brian Binning
  • Composer
  • Nick Shadel
  • 1st AC
  • Tylor Jones
  • BTS Video & Photogrpahy
  • Matthew Sumi
  • Production Designer
  • Sama Keshavaraz
  • Production Designer
  • Sama Keshavaraz
  • Production Assistants
  • Kieran Schafer
    Samantha Klapp
    Angela Sutherland Puerschner
    Dee Roe
  • Script Consultants
  • Kevin McCoy
    Robert O'Twomney