Dylan Priest

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Tio Baby

I had a great time capturing these pictures for @tiobabys. My friend Will Gordon (formally of Westward in Seattle) started Tio Baby's as a pop up at another bar in the area. It was such a big hit that he moved to making it a stand alone spot in Wallingford/Fremont. It’s a great spot to tuck in and get some amazing bar treats. These cocktails and nachos are to die for.

Anthony modeling fashion with lightwork

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Anthony Whitaker

I spent the afternoon diving into a world of creativity at the studio with Anthony, bouncing ideas off each other and tinkering with different lighting techniques. Anthony was a delight to collaborate with. His unique perspective infused a refreshing energy into the shoot.

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Jasmyn and Don

Had a chance to work with Don and Jasmyne from Heffner Management. Beautiful Hair and Makeup by the super talented Sabrina Rowe Holdsworth.

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New work with Daniel from Heffner Management. With Styling by Jean Courtney and H&M by Angalina Sandoval.

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Sabrina & Makayla

A great shoot with Sabrina and Makayla from Heffner Management with Styling by Lauren Schugar and Hair & Makeup by Yessie Libby.