Dylan Priest



Embark on an emotional journey of loss, love, and connection with this poignant video experience. Follow the story of a grieving father, consumed by sorrow after the loss of his beloved son. In this touching portrayal, witness the man's relentless pursuit to bridge the gap between worlds as he attempts to communicate with his departed son through cameras in the attic.

Shot on Sony Venice 2 and Sony FX3
Lenses TLS Nikons

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Band standing in a field


  • director & Editor
  • Dark Details
  • AC
  • Ryan Enkema
  • Lead Gaffer, Drone and Cam Op
  • Jeremiah Kaynor
  • Assistant Gaffer
  • Casey Grosso
  • Producer
  • Dos Rios
  • DP
  • Dylan Priest
  • Production Assistance
  • Mark Mirable
  • AD & AP
  • Matt Ralston
  • 2nd Camera Unit
  • Casey Grosso
    Matt Ralston