Dylan Priest


Starbucks/ Atlas Obscura

Olive oil and coffee might seem like they go together like, well, oil and water, but Starbucks has cracked the code on this surprising combination. Join Gastro Obscura’s Rachel Rummel on a whirlwind tour through Starbucks Support Center and Tryer Lab in Seattle, where she experiences Oleato™ beverages for the first time.

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Milk being poured into coffee
Woman being interviewed for StarbucksGroup of women enjoying coffee
Espresso shots pouring into coffeeWoman being interviewed for Starbucks
Woman drinking coffee


  • Director
  • Alborz Kamalizad
  • Director of Photography
  • Dylan Priest
  • 1st AC / B Cam
  • David Davis
  • Audio
  • Eric Reeves
  • Gaffer
  • Greg Smith
  • Executive Producer
  • Atlas Obscura
  • Production
  • Special Order, Inc. - Derek Griesbach
  • HMU
  • Jamyrlyn Mallory
  • PA
  • Devante Smith
  • Host
  • Rachel Rummel